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Server Rules

Discussion in 'Forum & Server Rules' started by Devillian, Jan 8, 2018.

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    Oct 15, 2017
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    • We do not allow hacks, cheats or exploiting of any kind!
    • Impersonating staff and other players is not allowed.
    • Auction scamming is not allowed.
    • No modified clients that give any kind of advantage to PVP
    • AFK pools are not allowed!
    • Using a macro to change key bindings are allowed
    • Using a macro to set commands to a key are allowed
    • Abusing exploits from plugins or the server to gain an advantage
    • Accessing areas of our server not accessible without using some type of exploit or glitch
    • You must always respect our staff
    • Do not ask staff to spawn items for you
    • Do not ask for OP, Admin or staff related positions
    • Do not use all caps, spam our chat system, don’t ask the same thing over and over or type short 1-3 words in a short amount of time
    • Do not name items using explicit, racist or any non-appropriate names
    • No racism, religious talk, political talk or explicit language
    • Do not advertise other servers in game or on our discord (this includes talking about other servers)
    • Do not accuse other players of hacking or cheating in general chat, you need to submit all reports to the appropriate forums
    • Do not ask or encourage other players to break our rules
    • Do not post or share personal information about yourself or other players in our chat
    • Do not sell or trade Darkrise related items for real life items or money, you may only trade using in game items/currency
    • Mods have the final say, do not argue with Mods, if you’re having an issue with a moderator contact an Admin or an Owner.

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